Text me back: a quick guide to better SMS marketing

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SMS marketing is part art, part puzzle. You could get super creative, but only within the confines of a well-developed marketing strategy. In other words, the real challenge there is knowing where to place your campaign’s goal posts.

Compared to traditional advertisements, SMS is a much more personal platform. It affords you a degree of (potential) closeness you wouldn’t otherwise have. This also gives you the opportunity to build a more direct relationship between a brand and its clientele.

What goes into a good SMS marketing plan though, and how do you guarantee its success?

Make it a choice

Relationships built on trust tend to last longer, so never underestimate the value of consent. I mean, nothing irritates people like an unsolicited message on a deeply personal device like their phone. The last thing you want is for people to tune out at the mere sight of your brand name.

People are going to be much more receptive if they opted into your SMS marketing list. If you didn’t compile the list yourself, you might have a problem. Try to make sure they were previously informed of potential offers. In any case, don’t forget to give people the chance to opt out.

Can’t say you’re not the one for me

The Simpsons have something to say about everything that’s ever happened in human (or at least North American) history, so it comes as no surprise that Season 12, Episode 14 would poke fun at the “spray and pray” nature of spam, or what they call superliminal messaging.

Yelling at a random guy on the street isn’t going to get someone to join the navy. You’re going to have to play it smart by knowing who you want to talk to, how you choose to talk to them, and which of their problems you’re trying to solve. People value… value, so knowing what they’re about should help give your SMS marketing campaign some legs to stand on.

It’s all a matter of time

Sometimes, the difference between a lucky Norwegian nerd and crypto bros fighting for scraps in the wake of a collapse, is timing. While the stakes might not always be this high, you could imagine how valuable a little foresight could be.

Try looking into past success, and WHY they wound up working the way they did. A deep understanding of the factors involved may provide you with the clues needed to take on (and potentially corner) a future need.

Call it a relationship

Marketing has largely been a one-way street, but doesn’t always have to be. If you’re going to slide into people’s inboxes as often as you’d want to, you’re going to have to bring value to their lives in some way. By tweaking your customer experience around a solid vision AND user feedback, you should see some solid returns.

Great ideas tend to be incredibly effective for a while, but let’s not stop there. Keep your finger on the pulse of your market. This will tell you if your approach still works, or if you need to pivot. Like all relationships, proper SMS marketing takes a little listening and a LOT of work.

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