Standing out in a crowded market

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The power of a personal touch

The marketplace is crowded, but we say that as a challenge instead of something meant to scare you.

If you want to keep people in a great working relationship with your brand, you have to address specific needs.. Anyone could purchase ad space, but we’ve found that a personal touch to marketing has been especially effective in today’s complex marketplace.

You have to rein your market in if you want to stay top-of-mind for brand’s niche. Going big and loud with advertising might not cover all the bases in today’s market. You may need a more individualized approach if you want conversions from a more discerning market.

There is a global trend towards people using their smartphones as a primary computing device, and since the Philippines is hitting close to 70% smartphone penetration in 2018, the answer to your brand woes might just be in people’s pockets.

Between smartphones and smarter decisions

With more and more people taking to smartphone use in markets like the Philippines. It then stands to reason that a mobile-first attitude towards engagement should lead to a stronger brand experience. Try to approach things from the perspective of someone who might be using their phone throughout most of the day.

If you have a brand or product website, a mobile-friendly or responsive design might save you quite a bit of grief in terms of bounce rate and lost sales. Don’t stop there, though. Even if your website scales down to a nice, mobile-friendly layout, that’s only half the battle.

Optimizing your website for a frictionless user experience is necessary if you want to get more conversions out of the curious, noncommittal lot who may just happen to sift through your website. Looking good on a device isn’t exactly the same thing as an optimized layout, so be careful. A mobile-optimized site should feel more like an app.

Tending the garden

Now that your website is all nice and shiny, so what’s next? Think of how to keep in touch with your new audience. Email lists are something we’ve always been fond of, but you might want to consider other channels.

SMS marketing used to largely be used for things like spam, but there are better applications. SMS could supplement existing marketing efforts for consenting subscribers. It’s a great way to cultivate closer relationships with clients, relationships that lead to conversions. In the United States, people tend to open SMS messages from brands they trust up to 5 times more than an email campaign.

If your website already responds like an app, you could probably push that further. Developing an actual branded app may get you some some space on people’s phones. This works especially well if you offer a service that people are likely to use in their day to day lives. Under Armour’s fitness app, Record is a great example of an app that brings value to people’s lives on top of a little extra visibility.

It pays to remember that brand relationships (should) always move both ways. Listen to your market’s needs, and your customers will reward you with their loyalty and sales.

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