Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Maximize SMS Marketing


SMS Marketing is becoming an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. But the thing is, not a lot of businesses know its potential in the marketing arena.

So, if you’re wondering whether SMS marketing is the next best step for your campaigns, read on. Find out why SMS marketing is important for your business.

5 Benefits of SMS Marketing


Research reveals that people check their phone 85 times each day. Recent mobile marketing statistics show impressive numbers, too.

Mobile ads accounted for nearly two-thirds or 63 percent of all digital ad revenues in 2018. It was also found that 75 percent of people prefer to receive offers via SMS.

Simply put, mobile marketing has great potential. Let’s take a look at how it can play a vital role in your business:

1. SMS marketing boasts a promising open rate

SMS marketing leads the competition when it comes to the open rate.

Compared to the 20 percent open rate of email marketing, SMS marketing boasts an open rate of 98 percent. Ninety percent of all text messages are also read within the first three minutes.

In short, if you want your message to be noticed quickly, maximize the power of SMS. Cellular data is not required to receive an SMS; thus, people can open and read it right away.

2. You can reach a wider audience

One of the greatest benefits of SMS marketing is its ability to reach a wide scope of audience.

According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, more than 5.13 billion people or 66.53% of the global population have a mobile device. Of this number, 29 million smartphone users are in the Philippines.

Since internet connectivity is not required to receive an SMS, more people can read your message. You can maximize this opportunity to reach thousands or even millions of people in one go.

3. You can personalize your content

SMS messages have a 160-character limit. If you exceed this limit, your message will be broken down into multiple pages.

Since people have a low attention span, short and simple messages become more advantageous. Luckily, you have control over your SMS content, too.

Ideally, a person should be done reading a text message within five seconds. If you want to keep your customers’ attention, make your content short, simple, and straightforward.

4. It helps improve customer engagement

SMS blast marketing also allows your customers to engage with you much easier. Since an internet connection is not required, your business becomes more accessible.

It was found that SMS-based surveys enjoy a high conversion. Thirty-one percent of consumers participate in such initiatives within five minutes on average.

If you’re planning to run quick surveys or gain customer insights, SMS marketing is the way to go. Through this, you can learn more about your customers as well.

5. It’s cheaper compared to other channels

Compared to other mainstream channels, SMS is more cost-effective. You’ll need a bigger budget for other marketing streams such as a Facebook ad spot.

This is what makes SMS marketing a great option for businesses, especially for those that are just starting. It allows you to promote your products or services without spending too much money.

Even better, you can easily track and analyze whether your marketing efforts are doing well. SMS marketing has essential metrics like delivery rates, open rates, and CTRs that allow you to monitor your campaigns’ performance.

If you think SMS is a thing of the past, think again. SMS marketing could be the only missing piece in your marketing strategy.

Are you considering SMS marketing in your future campaigns?

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