7 Key Elements In A Solid SMS Marketing Campaign


Thinking of creating a solid SMS marketing campaign? Discover the 7 key elements you shouldn’t miss to get the results you want.

7 Key Elements Your SMS Marketing Campaign Shouldn’t Miss

Creating an SMS marketing campaign may not be as complicated as you’ve imagined it to be, but there are elements you need to consider so it can deliver results. Check out the features of a solid SMS marketing campaign.

1. Get Permission

Permission plays a crucial role in the success of any SMS marketing campaign. Asking permission from your target audience shows you have proper digital etiquette.

As a rule of thumb, you should only send your SMS campaigns to people who allowed you to do so. To ensure you’re not wasting this chance, make your message enticing enough to your audience.

2. Offer Value

Once you’re granted permission, the next important thing to do is to keep your audience enticed to your campaigns so they won’t unsubscribe. One way to do this is by providing value in your campaign.

Before launching an SMS marketing campaign, ask yourself whether your campaign will provide value for your subscribers. If you think it won’t, you need to rethink it and come up with a different offer that your subscribers will find valuable for them.

Think about this: Your audience won’t waste time on something they will not benefit from. Simply put, when your campaign includes valuable offers, your audience is less likely to opt-out.

When you’ve successfully come up with a valuable offer, cut to the chase and present it upfront. Do away with extra fluff, make your first sentence compelling, and keep your approach simple and direct.

3. Provide Exclusivity

You are more likely to receive positive feedback and results when you make your subscribers feel they’re special. If your offers are available to anyone, subscribing to your campaigns won’t look so appealing.

Exclusive deals can make your campaigns worthy to your customers. If you want your customers to remain engaged and motivated for a long period, you need to give them additional perks.

4. Include a Call to Action

Calls to action or CTAs are a great way to encourage your subscribers to take actual steps toward becoming your client. It gives your audience direction on what to do next, taking indecision off the table.

Having a clear CTA can drive your SMS marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Just make sure your CTAs are clear, and you’re poised to deliver when your subscribers take an action.

Take a look at the list of action words you can include in your CTA:

  • Try
  • View
  • Click
  • Buy
  • Purchase
  • Shop

5. Set an Expiration Date

Now that you have a specific action you want your subscribers to take, it’s essential to identify when the deal will expire. Otherwise, your subscribers won’t take immediate action.

Expiration dates also give your audience an idea of how much time they have to avail your offer. In short, don’t let your subscribers assume that the exclusive deal you’re offering is open-ended.

6. Create a Sense of Urgency

Setting an expiration date for your special deals is one of the best ways to create a sense of urgency. Obviously, you don’t want your customers to delay action, so you need to do something that will make them act quickly.

A sense of urgency will give your customers an extra push to take your CTA.  Use words such as “fast” and “now” in your CTAs to build a sense of urgency and encourage your customers to act quickly.

7. Indicate Your Brand

Even if you have a solid SMS marketing campaign, if your audience doesn’t know where the message is coming from, your marketing initiative will be pointless. Make sure that you’ve indicated where to redeem your deals before launching your campaign.

Also, don’t forget to mention your brand. This is one of the best ways to establish relationships and familiarity with your customers.

Indicate your brand at the end of each SMS marketing campaign. Your brand name needs to stick with your customers, so they’ll think about you when they have a need that matches your offers.

Creating a solid SMS marketing campaign comes easy if you know the essential elements to include in it. In a nutshell, you need to have permission, offer value, provide exclusivity, create a sense of urgency by setting an expiration date and promote brand awareness by mentioning your brand.

Are you including these key elements in your current SMS marketing campaign? What favorable results did you get from them? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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