6 Incredible Ways to Use SMS for Event Management


Event organizers know pulling off an event isn’t an easy feat. It involves careful planning, rigorous coordination, and a lot of leg work.

But that’s not all. For it to be a success, you need to attract attendees and satisfy them, too. The question now is: How will you make it possible?

Today, it’s essential to think outside of the box; else, the competition will swallow you whole. Here’s where SMS for event management comes in.

We’re going to show you in this article how you can make your events a success by using a simple communication tool — SMS.

How Can You Use SMS for Event Management?

It used to be a challenge getting the word out about events, product launches, conferences, concerts, and parties. Thanks to technology, things got a little easier for us humans.

Today, you can reach as many people as you want with a few clicks of a button. SMS, for example, allows you to connect with thousands of people anytime, anywhere.

SMS for event management can help you promote an event, invite the right crowd, and manage staff. We’ve listed below how SMS can work its magic for event management.

6 Things You Can Do With SMS for Event Management

1. Promote event

Gone are the days when you need to do offline activities like putting up billboard ads or sending snail mails to promote your event.

Today, you can post your event on any social media platform you can think of. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are popular examples.

However, while millions of people are using these social media platforms, you can never be sure when they’ll go online. SMS makes a wise option for promoting your event as it doesn’t require an internet connection.

Since you can reach more people with SMS, you’ll likely see more attendees, too. Additionally, it’s fast, easy, and convenient.

With a 160-character limit, you can squeeze in your message all the essential details such as your event’s theme, venue, date, and time.

We’re inviting you to the Kitchen Challenge on Feb 24 at 6 PM. Don’t miss this cooking showdown happening at the Grand Stadium. Call 9876 to book your ticket.

2. Grow subscribers list

SMS presents an opportunity to grow your subscribers list, too. Here’s why: 98% of text messages are opened, and 95% of them are read within the first 90 seconds.

This means growing your subscribers list will be much easier. You can invite your contacts to subscribe to your SMS alerts in the weeks leading up to your event.

Remember, though, to observe proper texting etiquette to avoid turning them off. As a rule of thumb, only send updates your contacts have signed up for.

If they only sought to receive updates regarding the event, don’t send them messages about your products or services.

The PURPLE RAVE is happening in two weeks! Text PARTY to know more details about this most-talked-about event.


Your favorite DJs like Loco Hertz, Cosmic, and Masta Beats will bring the house down on March 3. Pack up some energy for the PURPLE RAVE party!

3. Confirm attendance and reservation

No-shows are depressing for event organizers. Imagine preparing for the event for several months only to see a few attendees.

The great thing about SMS is you can use it to reduce no-show rates, too. By sending event reminders, you can help ensure your attendees will never miss the date.

Plus, you can confirm ticket reservations and purchases, too, making it easier for you to monitor your event attendance. This way, you can increase your efforts if you’re still far from your goal.

We’ve noticed you booked two tickets for Stine’s Concert. Text YES to confirm, NO if you’ve made other plans. We’ll send refund instructions if you cancel.


4. Announce last-minute changes

Emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances can happen days before your event. It’s essential to inform your attendees of changes as they surface.

For example, you can let your attendees know you’re temporarily canceling the event and moving it to a later date, or you’ll change venues. It helps prevent inconvenience for their part while you avoid troubles, too.

Hi, Jenny. Due to recent health concerns, we’re moving the Breakthrough to Excellence Conference to a new date. Please stand by for more updates.

5. Offer promos

If you want to expand your subscriber list or event attendance, SMS can also do the trick. You can offer discounts and promos in exchange for referrals.

This referral marketing can work wonders for you, as you can get more leads for future use. By sending promos, you can also build brand loyalty, attracting existing attendees to support your brand and future events.

Bring three friends to the AHA-Mazing Concert and get 15% off your ticket. Know more about our referral program here: bit.ly/referfriend

6. Improve teamwork

Every team member plays a crucial role in the event. The thing is, once the event begins, team communication becomes a challenge.

The good news is, you can use SMS solutions to enhance your internal communication as well. You can send details about the event to your staff before the event or keep the team updated on the event’s progress.

A reliable means of communication helps a lot in the fulfillment of a job. Improved teamwork can help a lot in reaching your overall goal.

Hi, Team. The wedding reception will start at 6 PM. Prepare food and drinks by 730 PM and serve champagne by 930 PM.

There are several ways by which you can use SMS for managing your events. From promoting your events to managing your team, there’s a lot SMS can do to help you succeed.

The trick is to know your priorities, have a plan, and get started. With SMS providers offering flexible plans at affordable rates, there’s no reason you shouldn’t maximize the power of SMS for your work or business.

Want to use Bulk SMS for event management? Check out our website to view our SMS solutions!

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