Things You Need to Know About SMS Broadcasting


SMS Broadcasting, what?

From the term itself, it’s pretty easy to assume what SMS Broadcasting is about – you broadcast a message through SMS. But the question is, how well do you understand it?

If you’re looking to use SMS Broadcasting for your marketing or information dissemination campaigns, this article is for you. Find out what SMS Broadcasting exactly is, what perks you can enjoy when you use it, and how it works!

What is SMS Broadcasting?


SMS Broadcasting or Bulk SMS is a method of sending customized messages to a large number of people at once. Its goal is simple: to reach as many people as you can, the quickest way possible.

For example, local government officials can notify their constituents of life-threatening conditions during inclement weather. Business owners can inform their customers which products are available for pre-order.

Simply put, SMS Broadcasting can be used to disseminate critical information or boost your marketing campaigns.

What are the Benefits of SMS Broadcasting?


SMS Broadcasting has tons of perks since you can reach thousands or even millions of people in one go. You can use Bulk SMS if you want to:

  • Improve customer relationship
  • Send out important information or update
  • Notify people of a transaction status
  • Announce special promos
  • Create surveys

To maximize these benefits, you will need an efficient and speedy transmission of messages. This will help ensure the smooth flow of your info drive or marketing initiatives.

How Do You Send Broadcast Messages?


If you’re looking to launch an SMS Broadcast, you will need three essential things. Take a look at what they are and why do you need them:


Your database must include all the necessary contact information of your recipients. This commonly includes the name, contact number, and email address. It’s important to note that a server is necessary to hold the database, especially if you have a huge volume. Service providers generally have a server specifically designed for the database.


Second, you need to craft a message. It’s important to ask yourself, “What do I need to tell the recipients of my message?” In short, you need to identify the goal of your communication. Are you going to announce an event? Do you need to boost your marketing campaign?

Once you have identified your goals, you can begin customizing your message. Some service providers offer options depending on your communication goal. For instance, a provider can launch a survey for you. It’s best to check all the options that you have before picking a service.

Service Provider

Being the one that executes the broadcast messaging, a service provider plays a crucial role in the process. The provider is in charge of the system, equipment, and manpower to get everything rolling.

The service provider works with the sender – the person or organization with Bulk SMS needs – to deliver messages efficiently. Generally, they provide the server for the database, software for responses, and encryption tools.

The process

After choosing a provider and a service plan, the sender uploads the contacts to the database of the provider. The broadcast message is usually done using a web-based interface.

After visiting the provider’s website and logging in to his account, the sender enters all the information necessary for the broadcast message including:

  • Customized message
  • Recipients
  • Schedule of message delivery

The computer, then, handles the sending of the SMS to all specified recipients. A good service provider will have a sufficient storage space dedicated for the archiving of messages and replies.


Be it an info drive or marketing campaign, SMS Broadcasting can do wonders. You simply have to know your goals, and how you are going to execute them!

Are you looking for an SMS Broadcasting Provider?

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