We all hate long lines.

Q was designed to be the most efficient SMS-based queuing solution on the market.
Everything they do, we do better—and with one letter.

Why choose Mobile360 Q

Mobile360 Q Queueing

You don’t need a hard-hitting, expensive computer to run Q – it is specifically built to be a lightweight but powerful option for your queue management needs.

Mobile360 Q Queueing
Improve Store Experience

A store overflowing with waiting customers can hamper on employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Q makes sure that your store is free from that stress.

Mobile360 Q Queueing
Variable Monthly Expense

You don’t have to pay for unconsumed queue slots. Q will only charge you based on how many people you had, even if it fluctuates per month.cost

How It Works

Set different locations
for your queueing system
Designate multiple counters
per branch
Activate your SMS
queueing system

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