Mobile360: How to Keep a Relationship Going

SMS marketing and relationships

In a previous blog post, we revealed that SMS marketing can be your go-to strategy for making connections with your audience. With the high percentage of open rate of SMS compared to emails or other platforms (topping at a walloping 98%!), it’s such a powerful way to ensures that you’ve touched first base with establishing authentic relationships with your audience.

However, relationships are tough to manage, specifically because there are no hard/fast rules for them. SMS marketing works the same. You play these things by feel – and since you can’t look longingly into the eyes of your amorphous mass of an audience, the most you could do is try to tap into a more general palette of feelings and emotions.

Brands, when given a platform, are there to build some sort of connection with an audience. The brand always has something they want to say – or at least have something they want to offer. It’s easy to fall into the trap of just telling people to buy your thing, but like any great art, subtlety and control tends to yield greater results. At the very least it adds a bit of method to the madness.

To help you bring a little spark back to your SMS relationship, we’ve identified three quick and easy points to watch:



There is no instant number guaranteed to get people to consider you without being too obtrusive. At least not that we know of. At this point, it always helps to see things from the perspective of the recipient. You could start with one or two texts a month, and gauge your response rates from there.

Don’t be mistaken, though. This isn’t all up to gut feel. You could set an arbitrary number for starters, but do prune around the process from there. It’s also incredibly important to account for things like message fatigue. There’s a fine line between being a knowing presence in someone’s mind, and being a bit of a nagging pit in their inbox.


Good writing

Just to be clear, good writing isn’t just a matter of form. It’s knowing what to say to get the responses you like. Think in terms of what image or personality you’d like to project. Now, embody that voice. People are naturally drawn to relatable figures, so it will help to come from a place of concern or empathy.

Speaking to a pressing need is a great way to disarm readers. If done well, you should be seen as a presence worth keeping in the immediate periphery—a helpful little voice in the ear of your clientele. Too much, though, and you run the risk of sounding obnoxious. Do tread carefully.

woman on the phone

An effective call-to-action

Once you’ve gotten the questions of frequency and form out of the way, you’re going to have to chart the course for your customer experience. A call to action doesn’t stop at the mere act of telling people where to go. It’s more of a call to value, really.


Knowing which carrots to dangle is half the battle. The way you proposition your reader should be just as calculated given the truncated nature of the platform. Think along the lines of what your customers find helpful, when they need it, and being able to associate your brand with that one helpful thing.

Get the Ball Rolling

Mobile360 is your fastest, most reliable, and most powerful ally in ensuring that your relationship with your audience remains strong – with different tools designed specifically for all your SMS needs. Contact us today to find out how!

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