Making a connection with SMS marketing

SMS Marketing

Building an authentic brand experience can be tough. People aren’t typically wired to empathize with abstract concepts like brands or companies without a tangible narrative or figurehead to follow. For industries like tech, this can get especially difficult. We’re a bunch of nerds, not exactly Walt Disney material.

Like this, but with computers

That doesn’t mean we should stop trying to bridge the gap. There are other ways of humanizing a brand, and an open, empathic sense of communication is a great place to start. Every facet of your brand seeks to benefit by reflecting this sensibility, but we’ll let you in on a little secret. SMS marketing might be your ace in the hole.

We’re on to something here

As proud as we collectively are in the state of digital media, the truth is it’s also incredibly saturated. The average open rate for email hovers around 20-25%. Marketing efforts still make heavy use of mailing lists regardless. Now, enter SMS.

SMS marketing, the unlikely hero

SMS marketing: a connection

Easily given the side-eye for being decidedly more primitive feeling than an eDM, the platform manages to yield open rates of about 98%. Yes, you read that right. So why aren’t more people using it then?

People are. In fact, in places like India, it’s still a major part of their advertising ecosystem. If that sounds like a big deal, wait ‘til you find out that countries in Africa actually use SMS as an integral part of their banking system. It definitely has its uses.

Straight to the heart

The Philippines isn’t called the SMS capital of the world for nothing. You could imagine how big that whole base is. That means practically everyone in your captive audience can be reached via SMS. Until fairly recently, major SMS marketing platforms were all but reserved for enterprise-level campaigns. It’s much, much better now.

Platforms like Mobile360 make use of that potential by making mass messaging incredibly accessible, no matter the scale.

Pictured: a call to action

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