How the Real Estate Industry Can Withstand the COVID-19 Impact


The real estate industry, one of the most thriving industries in the Philippines, is now challenged by a pandemic. As people struggle with finances and fear of virus spread, realtors come to grips with the COVID-19 impact.

However, experts bring a glimmer of hope by saying the real estate industry can withstand the pandemic’s onslaught. This is if the government can mitigate the further spread of the disease.

While the world is yet to see the end of this global crisis, there are some things you can do to stay afloat. Here are some tips and useful information for surviving the impact of COVID-19 on your real estate business.

5 Ways Realtors Can Survive the Impact of COVID-19


1. Keep your followers in the loop

Now that people stay at home, social media and other online channels become vital tools for staying in touch. You can use these platforms to keep your ties with your current clients and attract new ones.

Social media channels can also be useful in maintaining your reputation as a credible and trusted realtor. Keep your followers engaged by sharing community updates, practical lifestyle tips, and the latest market news.

Apart from online platforms, you can also utilize SMS broadcast. A reliable SMS marketing solution can help maintain and improve your engagement with your clients and prospects amid this difficult time.

A trusted SMS gateway provider like Mobile360 can help you send quick updates or run SMS polls to get your followers’ insights. Such efforts will make it easier for you to reconnect with your clients and prospects when the crisis is over.

2. Make your listings stand out


While many interested home buyers are delaying real estate purchases due to the pandemic, there are still plenty of people searching for their dream homes. Open houses and showings may have been put off for a while, but doors remain open online.

For this reason, it makes perfect sense to create outstanding listings. What you can do is to include all the necessary information about the property to let buyers understand its features better.

Many people are visual learners, so use high-quality photos of areas people typically check during showings like window views and exteriors. A well-written description and highly engaging copy will also help do the trick.

3. Enhance your real estate blog

Since many people are still quarantined at home, people have more time than usual for reading online articles and blogs. An insightful blog can also help establish your competitive advantage.

Share the latest community news, buyer guides, home-keeping tips, and expert advice on real estate purchases. Write consistently and keep your content updated.

By sharing relevant information and valuable insights, you can position yourself as a reliable realtor in your local market. Not only that, but it can also help you generate more leads and nurture existing relationships.

4. Leverage virtual tours


While quarantine measures have been eased, it is still best to be on the side of caution. Here’s where virtual tours play a crucial part.

Since open houses and showings are still prohibited in many areas, virtual tours make a wise option. By leveraging this technology, you can tour buyers around a property in the comfort of their own homes.

You can team up with a professional videographer and photographer to make this possible. Remember, though, to strictly observe social distancing measures, and comply with the locality’s quarantine guidelines.

5. Go digital

As the world shifts to the new normal, you have to adapt to new ways of doing business. Educate yourself about digital platforms that can help you achieve your business goals.

Accelerating your digital shift will help you cope with the evolving needs and demands of the market, especially during this time. Incorporate technology into your business engagements and workflows to stay connected and afloat.

A custom website and mobile application, for instance, can be helpful for your business since people are spending more time online these days. You can partner with third-party service providers like Yondu to enable and maximize these technology solutions for your business.

While businesses struggle to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis also presents an opportunity for all industries to step up. By staying in touch, getting creative, and leveraging technology and innovation, you can start rebuilding your real estate business for the new normal.

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