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Get Status API

This command will be used check the status of the transaction

Title Send a broadcast message per msisdn
URL https://smsapi.mobile360.ph/v2/api/getstatus
Method POST
Sample Payload via TRANSID {
“username”: “yondu”,
“password”: “password123”,
“transid” : “M3600503CF798D16B462301455861296”
Sample Payload via Mobile Number {
“username”: “yondu”,
“password”: “password123”,
“msisdn” : “09171234567”,
“datefrom”: “20190101”,
“dateto”: “20190105”
Sample Payload Response {
“msisdn”: “9171234567”,
“transid”: “M3600503CF798D16B462301455861296”,
“status_code”: “1”,
“status_message”: “Delivered to phone”,
“datetime”: “2019-01-02 10:00:00”,
“time_delivered”: “2019-01-01 10:00:00”


Payload Value Type Length Level of Requirement Description/Expected Values
username string 255 Mandatory Client’s username at Mobile 360
Platform. (Created by Yondu)
password varchar 255 Mandatory Client’s password at Mobile 360
Platform. (Created by Yondu)
transid varchar 255 Conditional Transaction Id that was provided
on the broadcast API response.Optional if MSISDN is provided.
msisdn int 10-13 Conditional Mobile number used for that
transaction.Optional if transid is provided.
datefrom date Conditional Start of date range.


Mandatory if only MSISDN
parameter is provided.

dateto date Conditional End of date range.

Format: YYYYMMDDhhmmss

Mandatory if only MSISDN
parameter is provided.

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