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Broadcast API

This command will be used to broadcast message real time.

Title Send a broadcast message per msisdn
URL application/json
Sample Payload {
“username”: “yondu”,
“password”: “password123”,
“msisdn” : “639178919829”,
“content” : “Hello, this is a sample broadcast.”,
“shortcode_mask” : “YONDU”,
“rcvd_transid” : “12334512312312”,
“is_intl” : false,
Sample Payload Success Response {
“code”: 201,
“name”: “Created”,
“transid”: “M3600503CF798D16B462301455861296”
Sample Payload Failed Response {
“code”: 400,
“name”: “Bad Request”,
“message”: “The username field is required.”


Payload Value Type Length Level of Requirement Description/Expected Values
username string 255 Mandatory Client’s username at Mobile 360
Platform. (Created by Yondu)
password varchar 255 Mandatory Client’s password at Mobile 360
Platform. (Created by Yondu)
msisdn int 10-13 Mandatory It must contain no spaces or
other non-numeric characters.
For international mobile number,
include the country code prefix.
See II-3 Mobile Number accepted
content varchar 450 Mandatory It must contain message that the
user wants to send.
shortcode_mask varchar 11 Optional Client’s provisioned source at
Mobile360 Platform. (Approved
by Yondu).
rcvd_transid varchar 255 Optional Client’s transaction id.
is_intl boolean Optional Set to true if mobile number is
international else false if local
udh varchar Optional UDH (User Data Header) is used
for concatenating split messages
dcs int Optional DCS (data coding scheme) used
to identify what kind of
char-encoding that was used for
the message.


Local Mobile Number Format
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