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Enterprises across various industries are using SMS to reach their customers, and it’s easy to see why. Statistics show that over three billion people are smartphone users worldwide.

Find out how you, too, can harness the power of SMS for your real estate business. We’ve rounded up five simple ways to use SMS to achieve your business goals!

1. Property Alerts

Company websites make an excellent platform for advertising your property listings. And SMS can help support your effort in this channel further.

SMS allows real estate businesses to notify their prospective customers when there’s an available property that meets their needs. SMS makes an ideal channel for sending alerts as it offers two incredible benefits:

  • Customers can be notified instantly, even if without an internet connection.
  • It prevents the message from getting lost in the spam folder as what usually happens in email.

Additionally, realtors can use two-way messaging to accommodate responses for these alerts. This feature allows customers to instantly schedule an appointment with a realtor for a property viewing.

Tip: The content should include the name and contact number of the realtor with the real estate company’s name as the sender ID.

2. Event Invitation


If your real estate company is conducting several types of events throughout the year, you can also use SMS to invite potential customers. Whether it’s an open house, fair, or a property seminar, SMS makes it easier for you to reach out to your target attendees.

All you need are a database and the event details, such as the time and location. SMS provides a direct and low-cost means of disseminating your message.

It also offers convenience, especially if you need to inform your attendees of sudden changes in the event. Even better, you can get feedback from your attendees through two-way messaging after the affair.

3. Lead Generation

Any realtor knows it’s not easy to create a database of prospective customers. This is where SMS comes in.

While a company website helps encourage potential customers to give their information, it still isn’t enough. What you can do is sponsor an event and encourage attendees to register with their name and contact details.

You can use text messaging as a way to engage with potential buyers who expressed their interest in your properties. What’s more, you can improve your engagement with your existing clients by sending SMS links that have essential tips and advice.

By doing these things, you can position yourself as the buyer’s realtor of choice when they’re ready to acquire a new property.

4. Property Acquisition


Realtors don’t only need to seek for buyers but property sellers, too. They are the ones who already experienced buying, developing, or selling properties in the past.

However, making a database of potential sellers doesn’t come easy as well. You have to keep in mind, too, that it can be overwhelming for them to receive tons of messages.

Simply put, you need to establish good ties with property sellers by keeping in touch but not bombarding them with messages. SMS makes an ideal option when doing just this.

When you keep in touch, it’s more likely the property seller will think about you when he or she is ready to sell again.

5. Tenancy Management

While not all real estate companies are specializing in rentals, those that do often provide tenancy management. Two-way SMS also proves helpful for handling maintenance complaints and inquiries.

Realtors can send a text message informing tenants that a tradesperson will assist them or an issue has already been resolved. You can also take your service a notch higher by offering gardening assistance or a cleaning service via SMS.

Real estate companies or realtors handling an extensive portfolio of rental properties can find this useful, especially in differentiating themselves from the others.

SMS proves to help advance your business goals, be it for property alerts, event invitation, lead generation, property acquisition, or tenancy management. The trick is to identify what your specific goals are so that you can strategize effectively.

Also, a reliable SMS service provider can make everything faster and easier for you. Know your options when it comes to choosing the right SMS service provider so that you can maximize the potential of SMS for your business growth.

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