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New Normal: 7 Ways to Use SMS in the Education Sector

Text messaging is becoming a popular weapon of choice for several marketers because of good reasons. Apart from instant deliverability, SMS also boasts of higher open and response rates than email.

Now that the COVID-19 situation limited personal interactions, other sectors are beginning to see its promising potential. The education sector, for instance, can reap many benefits by leveraging SMS.

If you are an educator or a decision-maker in an educational institution, this article is for you. Here are seven ways to use and maximize SMS in the education sector.

How to Leverage SMS in the Education Sector


1. Important updates and announcements

The COVID-19 crisis pushed institutions across all sectors to develop new ways of conducting their regular activities. For the education sector, this means moving classes online.

As face-to-face meetings and interactions were limited, SMS offers a practical way to get in touch, especially with students and parents. Now that students are at home, you can send important updates via bulk SMS instead of posting paper notices on the announcement board.

You can inform them about last-minute changes on exam dates, virtual class schedule, and other essential notices. Put simply, SMS makes a convenient option for keeping everyone in the loop in a remote setup.

2. Homeworks and projects

There is no doubt that students and parents may take a while before becoming well-adjusted to new learning arrangements. With an unconventional setup, it’s easy to overlook and miss homework and projects.

Teachers and educators may find text blast helpful in reminding students and parents about schoolwork. You can send the details of the assignment and its deadline through SMS.

This is one of the best ways to ensure both students and parents are aware of the school homework. By launching a bulk SMS for assignments, students can remain productive even at home.

3. Result notifications

With the absence of announcement boards, educators can use SMS to notify students and parents about exam results. This promotes better transparency, especially now that teachers cannot meet parents to discuss their children’s performance.

Apart from examinations, result alerts can also be used for various competitions. Sharing this information via SMS broadcast is one way to leverage text messaging in the education sector.

4. Fee reminders


SMS can also be utilized for fee notifications. This is a great way to help ensure timely payments of tuition fees and other school-related payments.

Remember, though, to keep your payment reminders in a professional tone. For example, you can send a text message that says, “Your tuition fee for this semester is due. Please settle the amount before mm/dd/yyyy.”

A reliable third-party SMS service provider like Mobile360 can help you launch an SMS broadcast efficiently. Using its easy-to-navigate platform, you can send an SMS blast to your selected audience.

5. Feedback gathering

Do you want to know how your management can further improve school processes or the way teachers conduct their classes? Getting insights from students and parents can be of great help.

With the use of SMS polls, you can gain feedback without the need for a mass gathering or tedious paperwork. You can conduct SMS surveys, asking respondents to rate their experiences with their new setup and other school-related programs and activities.

By gathering feedback, you’ll get to see both your strong and weak points. This way, you can maintain the good stuff and revisit rooms for improvement.

6. Internal communication


Apart from students and parents, SMS also offers several advantages for internal communications. Text messaging provides a quick, cost-effective, and efficient way to keep internal staff, admin, principals, and teachers in the loop.

Since it doesn’t require an internet connection, there’s a higher chance that recipients will read the message. All you need is a mobile phone with basic SMS functionalities.

7. Helpline

Another great thing about SMS is that you can also use it to provide assistance. Students and parents will undoubtedly need help, particularly during the adjustment period.

You may find a two-way SMS useful for reaching out to them. For example, you can launch a text that says, “Good day. Our helpline will be available from 9 am to 5 pm. Text HELP if you need assistance.”

Educational institutions need to stay connected with students and parents, especially at a time like this. With the help of SMS, you can continue engaging with them even without face-to-face interactions.

Several institutions, organizations, and enterprises are already using SMS to help them achieve their bottom line. There is no reason not to consider maximizing it for the education sector since it has many incredible uses.

With SMS, you can promote efficient communications and better engagement with internal staff, principals, teachers, students, and parents. If you’d like to know you can maximize SMS for your educational institution, get in touch with our team today.

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