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Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic make it more crucial for non-profit organizations (NGOs) to stay in touch. During these dire times, NGOs need to bolster their presence to gather support for their mission and social causes.

This is where text messaging plays a crucial part. To sustain their efforts, NGOs need to develop efficient ways to reach and engage supporters, donors, and volunteers.

If you are wondering how your organization can reach communities and engage efficiently, read on. Here are seven practical ways NGOs can leverage SMS.

7 Ways NGOs Can Maximize the Use of SMS


1. Donation drive

One thing about bulk SMS is you can customize your message to fit the essence of your campaign. Here, you can include your drive or campaign details and who will benefit from it.

Text messaging is a great way to inform potential donors where the collected funds will be going and who it will support. You can also use SMS to update donors about the progress of your donation drive.

For instance, you can send a text blast to all your campaign supporters, informing them about how much money you’ve already collected in a given period. Then, update them on what you were able to purchase from it, such as healthy meals for families in need, for instance.

2. Activity information

An SMS marketing solution is not only beneficial for updating donors but volunteers as well. Before conducting your missions or on-ground events, it’s essential to inform volunteers about the activity.

Crucial details include clothing guidelines, equipment requirements, location directions, and parking instructions, among others. These details help ensure your volunteers are well-informed and adequately prepared for your activity.

3. Volunteer attendance

No-shows are inevitable in volunteer work. But you’d want to prevent such from happening to maximize the efficiency of your on-ground activities.

To reduce no-shows, consider maximizing SMS blast. Send a text to remind volunteers of your upcoming activities and confirm their attendance.

You can send a text that says, “Good day! Thank you for your interest in helping us reach out to families in need on August 5 at the Tiara Gymnasium. Text GOING to confirm your attendance.” Two-way SMS helps with attendance confirmation, allowing you to see whether you need to launch another SMS campaign to gather more volunteers.

4. Pledge notifications


SMS also offers a great way to remind donors about their pledges. While this can get tedious and time-consuming at times, you can automate pledge reminders via text.

You can also use SMS to update donors about the total pledge you’ve collected, and how their contributions will be used. Additionally, you can send a customized thank you message for their donation and support.

5. Internal communications

Connecting with your board and members can be challenging, especially with their usual busy schedules. Thankfully, SMS can be useful for internal communications, too.

You can notify team members about incentives, essential updates, and general news. Since SMS doesn’t require an internet connection, it helps ensure your communications can be read in real-time.

A reliable third-party SMS gateway provider like Mobile360 uses a platform that allows you to segment your contacts. This way, you can segment your database for external and internal communications, helping ensure efficiency.

6. Digital content promotion


Unknown to many, there’s a lot of work involved in digital communications. While texting isn’t an ideal replacement, it can aid in boosting their success.

For instance, you can update your subscribers about your latest newsletter by sending a text message. Ask them to check their inbox, or in some cases, their spam folder, to read your newest digital material.

You can also add a short link to your text, directing your subscribers to a particular blog or social media post you want them to check out. Consider integrating link tracking for this to see whether your SMS campaigns are working.

7. Handy tips

SMS also makes a practical tool for sharing handy tips with the community you serve. Share relevant information like soup kitchen locations or healthy lifestyle tips.

This is one of the best ways to continuously engage and make your presence felt even if you don’t have an on-going outreach activity. Such an effort can keep you at the top of the mind, making it easier for you to gather support for your next campaigns.

While non-profit organizations have different sets of needs, SMS can be a great tool to support your efforts for your cause. By leveraging SMS’s power, your NGO can effectively and efficiently communicate with volunteers, donors, and supporters to make your programs a success.

Are you looking for an SMS marketing company that can help you launch your SMS campaigns for your outreach programs? Contact our team today to know how our SMS solutions can help your NGO.

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