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Email Marketing VS SMS Marketing: Which Is Better?

Are you curious to know which is the better option in the email marketing VS SMS marketing battle? Take a look at these five important factors to consider when choosing which one is right for your business.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

1. Delivery

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Whether it’s an email or a text message, it’s important to consider whether your marketing message will be delivered and read. And it’s worth noting that both platforms come with risks as well.

Your audience may not be able to read your SMS marketing campaign when it is delivered unsuccessfully. On the other hand, your email marketing campaign may not drive results, especially that records show 45% of emails are sent to the Spam folder.

Emails on the Spam folder easily hurt a business’s reputation, breaking customers’ confidence and trust in your brand. Additionally, an office worker receives 121 emails per day on average, making it more difficult for your message to get noticed.

Meantime, an average millennial only gets 67 text messages per day. Given these figures, it’s easy to see why text messages are more likely to be read.

Simply put, if you want to ensure your marketing campaigns are optimally delivered, choose a reliable SMS service provider and email marketing tools. Also, consider the risks of both, and assess which one can you handle much easier.

2. Open Rate

Consider this: Between an email and a text message, which do you open more frequently? When sending out your marketing campaign, it’s also crucial to consider the open rate of both platforms.

The open rate for email marketing stands at only 17.92% while SMS marketing boasts an impressive 98% open rate. In addition, the average person responds to an SMS within 90 seconds as opposed to 90 minutes for an email.

3. Click-Through Rate

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A compelling call-t0-action (CTA) helps improve your click-through rate (CTR). The average CTR for an email is around 4%, which means after your email has been opened, your audience follows the link that comes with your CTA.

The CTR for SMS marketing, on the other hand, is somewhat more challenging since you’re limited to 160 characters. However, with the help of branded links, it may increase CTR as it can also serve as a clickable CTA.

4. Customization

When it comes to customization, email marketing is the clear winner. You can customize your campaign from attachments to images and videos and hyperlinks.

It allows you to give your audience an idea about your brand and what it stands for since you can customize your messages based on your branding.

5. Cost

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The cost for both email and SMS marketing depends on several factors. This includes the volume of messages, platforms, and tools to be used.

If you want to maximize your budget, it’s best to conduct research on different SMS providers and email marketing tools. List down their rates and the value they can provide for your money.

Both email and SMS marketing contribute to the success of your overall email marketing strategy. However, if you want to prioritize one over the other, it’s important to consider their advantages and costs.

In a nutshell, both options are good investments. You can use email marketing to relay more detailed or complex information, and SMS marketing for quick reminders and CTAs.

Lastly, keep in mind that both platforms require precision and a well-executed strategy. Use their advantages to advance your overarching goals.

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