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7 Ways to Use Bulk SMS in a Post-Coronavirus Business World

As businesses adopt remote working policies, owners and decision-makers need to develop creative ways to engage with their customers. Apart from social media, text messaging provides a practical solution to connect businesses with potential customers and their existing client base.

But the thing is not all businesses know how to leverage bulk SMS for business to maximize their engagement. Read on and find out how you can use text messaging in a post-coronavirus business world to stay connected with your target audience and customers.

How to Use Bulk SMS for Business in a Post-Coronavirus World

1. Share practical tips and advice

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many enterprises to close down or adopt remote working operations temporarily. As a result, businesses cannot share as many tips on the products or services they offer as they usually would in a physical setup.

An SMS broadcast can bridge this gap, allowing you to share practical tips and sound advice with your prospects and existing client base. For example, you can share healthy eating tips at home if you’re offering diet meal plans.

By doing such, your potential and current clients may continuously view your brand as relevant and valuable. It will also be easier for them to remember your business when they need the products or services that you offer.

2. Boost your customer service


As the world faces an uncertain future, you need to think of ways to assist your clients in the “new normal” as early as today. Text messaging is useful for sharing sound advice about your products and services and extending your help.

SMS offers a convenient and easy way for businesses to reach their customers and vice versa. For this reason, SMS makes a practical tool for customer support, too.

You can launch a two-way SMS to attend to clients who may be needing further assistance. For example, you can send a text that says, “Good day! Thank you for purchasing our Karee Emergency Kit. If you have further questions regarding our products, text HELP to 2989.”

3. Confirm appointments

Even when the COVID-19 crisis is over, some businesses may still find it necessary to limit on-site guests. Setting bookings and appointments will more likely be the “new normal” in the post-coronavirus business world.

But the thing is businesses face the challenge of no-shows. To prevent this from happening, you can send appointment reminders and confirm your clients’ appointment appearance.

Third-party SMS providers like Mobile360 allow you to use a platform that can automate booking notifications and appointment confirmations. Such platforms help prevent hassle for both parties — the stress of rescheduling for clients and wasted time and revenue for businesses.

4. Launch your promotions


Many businesses are already leveraging SMS marketing to achieve their bottom line, which is no longer surprising. Apart from having impressive open and response rates, SMS also lets you time your campaigns precisely.

Additionally, it allows you to segment your audience so you can send the right promotional push to the right people at the right time. For instance, if you own a pizza parlor, you can send separate promotional campaigns to pineapple lovers and pepperoni fans near dinner time.

5. Offer giveaways

Launching contests and giveaways is another powerful marketing strategy to get people to register in your campaign. Keep in mind, though, that timing is everything.

For instance, if you own a bookstore, you can engage young professionals by offering them a chance to win one motivational book of their choice. Running giveaways through bulk SMS for business is one way to raise awareness about your brand.

6. Customize your message


Another benefit of SMS is that it allows you to send targeted messages to your customers. If you know your customers’ purchasing habits through a CRM system, you can give them a relevant shopping experience through text.

For instance, you can suggest a pair of training shoes to match your customer’s recently purchased workout clothes. Since text messages can be sent in real-time, you can ensure there are no wasted opportunities in making your offerings known.

7. Gather feedback

SMS can also be a valuable tool for gathering feedback from your customers. As you adopt new ways of conducting business, it’s essential to determine whether your customers are satisfied.

A reliable SMS marketing company like Mobile360 can help you launch SMS polls to know what your customers think. For example, you can send an SMS poll to find out whether your customers like your latest delivery menu options.

Bulk SMS for business can bring enormous benefits when utilized in the right way. You can take inspiration from these recommendations to help your business stay connected in a post-coronavirus business world.

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