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As the COVID-19 crisis turns the world on its head, it’s become crucial to keep people engaged even without personal interactions. For many organizations, including religious ones, the question is how.

While church and texting don’t seem like a match, SMS can play a pivotal role in helping religious organizations overcome basic challenges. Read on and find out how your ministry or religious organization can maximize SMS in a post-coronavirus world.

Basic Challenges Religious Organizations Encounter

But first, let’s take a look at the common challenges religious organizations experience. This will allow you to see how you can use SMS to overcome these challenges:

  • Engagement. Several ministries and faith-based organizations find it challenging to keep an engaged congregation amid info overload and other external distractions.
  • Connectivity. Religious organizations also encounter difficulties reaching out to their community’s young adults and teens.
  • Message. It also becomes a challenge spreading the word, especially with social distancing policies in place.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to overcome these challenges. Here are seven ways to use SMS for your religious organization.

How Your Religious Organization Can Use SMS

1. Schedule notifications

SMS helps to keep everyone in the loop, especially when it comes to schedule changes. Do you need to postpone Sunday school due to stricter quarantine measures or bad weather?

An SMS broadcast can help you reach your community in minutes to keep them updated. Since text messaging doesn’t need an internet connection, you can help ensure no one is left in the dark.

2. Bible verses

Do you want to keep your congregants inspired and motivated the entire week? Send a message relevant to the week’s sermon or a Scripture quote via SMS.

3. Upcoming events

You can also use SMS to inform your congregation about your upcoming events, be it held at a venue or online. By doing so, you can help ensure a good number of attendees.

4. Community engagement

Text messaging boasts of high open and response rates, so it is no surprise why it is the most frequently used written communication channel. You can leverage SMS to overcome your engagement difficulties, particularly with the youth.

5. Feedback and suggestions gathering

By using SMS polls, you can also gather valuable feedback from your congregation. For instance, you can make them choose their preferred time for online Bible studies.

6. Volunteer attendance

Do you need volunteers for your outreach programs? Send a quick text message and get volunteers on board.

7. Prayer requests

With SMS, you can also inform your congregation about important prayer requests. Since your message can be sent in real-time, you can ensure everyone reads the request.

Before you go, here are more tips…

SMS, indeed, has many uses for your religious organization. But how can you get your community to know about it? Here are a few tips for getting the word out:

  • Announce it before or after a sermon. Let your community know that you have a text messaging service, and they can opt-in to receive sermon notes, event updates, prayer requests, and daily Bible quotes.
  • Use your digital platforms. Now that people are often staying at home, it’s wise to leverage your digital presence. Announce that you have a texting service on your website or social media platform.
  • Put up signs. Make announcement brochures visible in your place of worship. A simple note that says, “Text MINISTRY and send to 2900 for daily Bible verses and regular updates,” can go a long way.

It’s not only businesses that can benefit from SMS marketing solutions. By maximizing bulk SMS for religious organizations, you can overcome common challenges and improve your congregation’s engagement.

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