7 Ways to Use SMS In Your Business


SMS for business has so much potential, especially if you want to improve customer experience. So, if you’re not using SMS for your business yet, it’s time you do. We’ve listed 7 ways on how you can use texting to enhance your client service and advance your business goals!

7 Useful Ways to Use SMS for Business

Whether you’re a big corporation or a small business, SMS can help achieve your objectives. Take a look at this list and discover how SMS for business can do wonders:

1. Sales and Marketing Campaigns

You can leverage SMS as a powerful promotional tool for your business campaigns. Statistics show that SMS enjoys an impressive open rate of 98%.

It was also found that customers who receive texts from companies or businesses have a 40% higher conversion rate. In short, there’s a high chance that your sales and marketing campaigns will be read when you send it via SMS.

SMS also makes a great option, especially if your campaign is time-sensitive as it can be opened and read immediately.

2. Order Confirmation


People always want to be updated about their transactions, especially if it involves their hard-earned money. SMS also helps in assuring your customers that their orders are received and are already being processed.

Giving your customers assurance about their orders is one of the best ways to improve customer experience. You can take it up a notch by giving them an option to send orders via SMS.

3. Vouchers or Discount Coupons

Sending vouchers or discount coupons through SMS has many advantages as well. Not only does it have a higher redemption rate of more than 10% compared to paper coupons, but it is also easier to claim.

Customers want convenience, so if you want them to enjoy this perk, consider SMS when giving away coupons or vouchers. You can also build a database out of this, which you can use for your future SMS blast efforts.

4. Appointment Reminders


Business owners, real estate agents, and doctors encounter the same challenge: appointment no-shows. SMS helps to minimize the risk of no-shows by reminding clients of their appointments.

Automated SMS reminders were proven to trim no-shows by up to 40%. Even better, it helps to cut costs and time as compared to phone calls and emails.

5. Notifications and Updates

One of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction is by sending updates. If you want to make your customers feel they are important, it helps to notify and update them on their transactions.

Travel agencies, for example, can send an SMS to their customers if there are changes in their flight details. Shop owners, meantime, can send the delivery and tracking updates to their customers.

Sending notifications and updates allows you to provide excellent customer service. Just remember to keep your text messages short and only include necessary details.

6. Short Surveys


Do you want to know what your customers think about your brand? SMS survey is your best bet.

SMS providers such as Mobile 360 offer SMS-based polls that allow you to gauge how your customers feel about your service. This kind of service also allows you to customize your surveys depending on your needs and preferences.

Another good thing about surveying via SMS is it’s easy to craft and launch. SMS survey response rates are also higher compared to surveys via email.

7. Staff Communication

Remember that in business, your staff is equally important, too. Fortunately, you can also improve communication with your staff through SMS.

You can notify them in case of emergencies or greet them during special occasions like birthdays. Enhanced staff communication can also help your business as it can improve employee retention.

SMS can be a powerful tool for your business if you know how to maximize it. If you’re not using SMS for your business yet, it’s time you consider the value it can bring to the table.

After all, competition is getting tighter and you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity. Step up your game and consider these 7 ways to use SMS for business!

Are you looking for an SMS provider that can help you with your bulk SMS needs? Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help take your business to the next level!

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