7 Ways to Promote Your Event Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


The appetite for social events significantly dropped as people try their best to keep safe at home. This had many event organizers scratching their heads, wondering how their marketing strategies should evolve when social gatherings were prohibited.

While we’re learning new things as we go, you can take inspiration from these seven useful recommendations. Find out how you can restrategize your marketing initiatives as the world tackles the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 Tips for Promoting Your Event Amid COVID-19


1. Think about your audience

Your audience is more likely to wonder whether your event will be moved to a new date or canceled for good. Do not leave them clueless.

Think about what your audience needs to know. Are you moving the event towards the end of the year? How do you plan to execute your refund/cancellation policy?

If you decide to push through, inform your attendees about your on-site preparedness plan and safety measures. That or the virtual tools they can use should you choose to move your event online.

2. Mind your content


Remember, content is king. At a time when people are fearful and anxious, it’s important to mind what you put in your content.

For instance, saying your audience can “bring home freebies from hundreds of exhibitors” may do more harm than good. Images of crowded halls, huge crowds, and people displaying physical contact may also trigger more anxiety.

These types of content can be favorable and enticing, but now, it could spark fear of a virus spreading. Focus more on providing educational material and information about your keynote speakers and event topics.

3. Keep participants in the loop

Whether you decide to cancel or push through, it’s essential to communicate that with your audience. All the other vital details, including any changes in safety protocols, should reach your attendees.

You may find an SMS broadcast service useful in reaching out to your audience during this difficult time. SMS has an impressive open rate of 98%, helping ensure your updates are received and read.

Third-party SMS service providers like Mobile360 offer a variety of SMS marketing solutions fit for your needs. By utilizing these solutions, such as an SMS blast, you can keep your participants in the loop and well-informed.

4. Communicate proactively


Keeping silent during this time may fuel speculations or trigger confusion. If you haven’t crafted a new plan, let your audience know you’re working on one with their safety in mind.

Communicate crucial information via text, and your online and social platforms like your website and Facebook. Also, remember to align with all your team members to ensure consistent messaging.

5. Leverage social influence

Get in touch with your exhibitors and encourage them to invite their prospective and existing customers to your event. Also, gather testimonials of exhibitors and participants who are coming.

Let them express their thoughts about the event — why they think the event will be valuable for them, and how it can benefit others. Many people consider testimonials useful in signing up or making other decisions.

6. Be honest


As an event organizer, it is your responsibility to keep your team, exhibitors, and participants safe. So, be honest and communicate possible risks to them.

People want to know the facts and ways on how they can be safe. They will read through forced positivity, so stay transparent and keep your messaging clear, on-point, and factual.

7. Pivot when necessary

Gather and assess your performance data and research about the current trends on event registrations. Also, keep yourself abreast of the latest news.

Do you need to change your marketing communications based on the current trends? Do you have exhibitors and participants that are restricted from traveling?

Analyze the situation and pivot your marketing plans and budget accordingly. Once you do, meet with your team to discuss how you will execute your new direction.

During these critical times, it’s essential to let your audience know that you care about their safety and well-being. To communicate this properly, seek the help of your legal team.

Proper language is crucial, especially if you decide to cancel your event. Keep in mind that you have options, too.

You can utilize technology and cater to remote audiences or move the event to a later date. The important thing is to devise creative solutions and communicate proactively with all stakeholders.

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