5 Things to Consider Before You Advertise Amid COVID-19 Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic put many businesses in a tough situation, and the advertising industry is no exception. Businesses have to pivot their strategies, approaches, and operations to stay afloat.

As the world tries to navigate the tricky waters of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s easy for advertisers to commit blunders. And these mistakes could haunt them even after the pandemic is over.

So, if you’re thinking of launching a new advertisement, hold your horses and read on. Here are five essential considerations before you advertise amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Factors to Consider Before You Advertise Amid COVID-19 Crisis


1. People’s needs have changed

People’s needs and priorities change drastically in times of crisis.

As the COVID-19 wreaks havoc in communities, businesses, and homes, people’s priorities center on health and safety. Everything else takes a back seat.

It is crucial for you to understand that people’s needs have evolved. So, instead of making sales pitches, give people reassurance.

Share what your business is doing to keep everyone safe, such as your sanitation measures. There will be plenty of opportunities to promote your products once the COVID-19 crisis is over, but now, people will appreciate a more thoughtful approach.

2. People are worried about their finances


The crisis forced some businesses to shut down, leaving millions of people jobless. This means people are not only concerned about their health and safety but finances, too.

People, including those who still have jobs, are worried about their rent, utilities, mortgage fees, groceries, and medications. Others even have to settle credit bills and other taxes.

You can allay these concerns by communicating deals, pricing adjustments, and other assistance designed to ease people’s financial burden. Take inspiration from landlords providing flexible rental fees and car dealers offering payment holidays.

3. Consumers are focused on the essentials

Consumer behavior also transformed drastically as the pandemic ramps up. Shoppers are after acquiring essentials such as food, and household and health care products.

As an advertiser, you can focus your marketing initiatives on these sought-after items. And make sure that your channels can reach customers staying at home.

It is crucial to restrategize your efforts, especially that many people have become more thoughtful when it comes to their purchases. Then, assess whether your marketing efforts are aligned with people’s needs and demands right now.

4. Branding plays a crucial role


You can still bring your brand closer to the people by building bonds with your community. Social media and other platforms play a pivotal role in doing just this.

Your social media accounts, for example, can be useful in providing useful information and helpful coping tips. Meantime, you can engage with your audience via text.

SMS gateway providers allow you to customize your Sender ID over an API. This means, you can set your brand name as the Sender ID, which offers the following benefits:

  • Your brand looks legitimate and professional.
  • People recognize who the message is from instantly.
  • Your recipients can easily distinguish your message.
  • You can reinforce your brand name in your audience’s mind.

A reliable SMS marketing company like Mobile360 can let you savor these benefits. Apart from its wide array of SMS marketing solutions, it also offers the Sender ID feature, which can help you with your branding amid these tough times.

5. Businesses are expected to take part

If there’s a key takeaway from this COVID-19 crisis, it is that all of us are in this fight together. Businesses, from the startups to the bigshot ones, are navigating this pandemic the best way they know how just to keep afloat.

But while businesses are tackling their own set of challenges, they are still expected to take part. Many businesses have announced additional sick leaves and assistance packages for their employees.

As people try their best to cope with changes in their routines and livelihood, these marketing messages can spark hope. So, ask yourself what your brand is doing to help in this situation, then communicate that with your audience.

Advertising at this time like this, indeed, needs a whole lot of different approaches. Keeping these five crucial considerations in mind can make things a lot easier for you.

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